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“I… I don’t know who he is.” Jiang Qianxue’s delicate porcelain face flushed red. She said nervously, “I only know that I idolize him. I don’t even know if it is a man or a woman, young or old… I don’t know anything…”


He was someone who had seen the world, but for some reason, when he was with Hong Dali, he somehow felt like a country bumpkin. Hong Dali mumbled, “Country bumpkin, this adds just a few points of attribute…”


This is fate. Jiang Dongliu smiled and said, You have no choice but to surrender to it. After saying this, Jiang Dongliu got up and said slowly, Forget it, lets not think about this now. I will look for Qianxue first and have a good chat with her. You dont have to worry too much. Our Qianxue is very smart and will understand most things with a little guidance. This is no different.


Okay! Hearing the mention of Sauron Auction Center, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Ling Xiaoyi looked at each other. They were really curious about the selling price of the three attribute gems


Yes, yes, yes Brahman replied carefully and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Ill go immediately! He shouted, Men, men! Bring these few respected guests to the auction hall! Speed up, these are distinguished guests. Serve them well!


Zhang Yi looked for a while, then put down the test tube and said, “The information isn’t very good. The function of this bug is something like that of a scout. Therefore, if there are Zergs near our planet, they should already be on their way here. As for how long they will take to get here, that’s hard to say. If fast, they may be here in half a month or so. If slow, maybe one or two hundred years. Of course, if there’s no Zergs nearby, there won’t be any problem.”

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Li Nianwei covered her mouth. “Young Master, this, is this really the reward for that level?” She was afraid that someone might hear them, so she only said “that level”.


At the same time, the mysterious man and the President of Merika, McGregor, were here watching the latest developments in the production line.


“Why are there so many Zergs here?” Whilst chasing the Zergs, the captain frowned and pondered. “Could it be that there is something on Earth that’s attracting the Zergs? If not, according to logic, even if the Zergs appear here, there shouldn’t be such a massive scale. And from the looks of it, their destination is fixed on Earth. Even with we chasing and killing them from behind, there isn’t any response from them. This is really strange…”


After a brief period of confusion, Tang Muxin chose a set of light and airy cloth armor. Li Nianwei chose a set of figure-hugging leather armor. Ling Xiaoyi chose chain armor. Li Yang, Lucifer, and Levis simply just picked whatever caught their eye. There was no way that would go wrong!


As they chatted, Tang Muxin saw them and joked. Dali, someone is striking up a conversation with your experimental girlfriend. Hehe. This Li Tianxing is indeed here for Sister Qianxue.


“It’s hard to say now.” The mysterious man shook his head. “It depends on luck. Hopefully, we’ll manage to contact Dali soon. He should be able to ask for protection for us from the Galaxy Alliance. It’s better to pay a price than to be completely destroyed by the Zerg.”


Of course, Tianyi said. I want to see if theres anything to increase power. I intend to buy some top-grade gems. I cant wear any equipment in the Tower of Trials, but I can embed some gems onto my weapon to bring in. If I manage to get some top-grade attribute gems to challenge the Tower of Trials, it would be beneficial.



“You bullied my Brother Luo Qiang. As his boss, I must have an explanation!” Not at all intimidated, Hong Dali stood eye to eye with Mister Gate. “If I cannot even protect the people around me, how can I survive here!”



Jiang Qianxue’s face was flushed red. She did not dare to look at Hong Dali. She was afraid she would not be able to take it if she looked at him. After all, this atmosphere was too weird…


Of course, there was a third reason. Jiang Qianxue wanted to follow the footsteps of the almighty genius. She would not want to appear too weak. If she could not even pass level twenty, how could she be compatible with the almighty genius? The difference in skills was like a generation gap. One could not expect someone who ate the Manchu Han Imperial Feast every other day to play with someone who could not even wear his trousers properly, right?


Yes. Ling Xiaoyi went to finish the paperwork with the shop owner. Indeed, when the paperwork was done, Hong Dali pulled out the System to look. Current Squandering Value: 9.8 million.

  • “Well…” Mister Gate touched his chin and suddenly got up. His movements were so fast that, in the time it took to take two breaths, he was back in the pawnshop after suddenly rushing out. When he left, he was empty-handed, but when he returned, there was a big piece of aquamarine-colored jade in his hands. He went up to Hong Dali and dropped the piece of jade onto the ground. Then, his hand was engulfed in black mist and he lightly sliced the jade with a slash of his palm. Another two slashes and a simple jade bowl was made.
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