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“That’s right.” Lan Ruoxi rested her head on Hong Weiguo’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and gently said, “Our little prodigal isn’t an ordinary person wherever he goes to. I just hope that he won’t be in any trouble over there…”


Alright. After getting rid of the troublemakers, Mister Gate walked slowly to the counter and glanced at the first person who had run over to make payment. I recall you were the first one to get here?


Transportation was convenient in the virtual world. The key was that the Bureau Chief had given Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi, and everyone else, a designated place of residence in the city. Once they came online, they would be in the city. In just about five to six minutes, Hong Weiguo, Lan Ruoxi, Tang Muxin’s parents Tang Ruisi and his wife, Geezer Wang, Ling Mufeng, and everyone else arrived.


Hong Dali held the gem and smiled foolishly. At this time, the AI butler Tang Long silently projected from the inside of the watch. When he saw the jewel in Hong Dalis hands, he suddenly exclaimed, Dont move! Put the stone down! Show me what it is!


“Young Master, I…” Levis was obviously dazed for a while. Then, he decisively took over the necklace and wore it on his neck. Speaking of which, he was indeed a very straightforward person. Since he had decided to protect Hong Dali, there naturally wasn’t a need to be polite. If he got stronger, many things would be more convenient to do too.


That Seeing that they were going to meet the great White Beard Mister, Tianyi grabbed his hair and laughed. I wont follow. You may go ahead first! He desperately winked at Mu Huaqingwe cannot afford to offend these guys. Its best for us to leave now!

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He had managed to pass level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials. His movements were obviously quite fast. When he thrust the sword at Gate, who was ten over meters away, the swords energy was upon Gate in the blink of an eye. A blinding white light sliced the air and slashed down. You could imagine the result of such a slash on the body.


“We…” Luo Qiang had wanted to give him a generic answer, for example, properties, spacecraft, gems… but when he thought about his Boss’ strange requirements, he nodded decisively. “We accept everything, as long as they have value.”


Of course. Hong Dali smiled. Since Big Brother Tianzong has given me a movie company, we need to make a movie!


Combine! Hong Dali commanded and a flash of light was immediately seen. Crackle, a brand new red and green attribute gem fell directly into his handthen a ding was heard. The System said: One million Galaxy Dollars deducted from the Hosts current funds.


When children were not in contact with their parents for a period of time, it was inevitable for the parents to become worried. Since he had seen them, the stone had finally been lifted off his heart. Otherwise, it weighed in his mind.


If people knew that he was the number one person in the Milky Way, his days from then on definitely wouldn’t be enjoyable. Everyone was naturally aware of his meaning and all nodded.


It was true that he liked drinking wine. He had tried almost all the wines and liquors in the Milky Way, but it was the first time he had met someone who made the choice of wine cup sound like it was an art. He suddenly felt enlightened. Even the way he looked at Hong Dali was different now.



Walking into an empty conference room, the Bureau Chief took out a holographic projection communication device. Very quickly, the mysterious man’s projection appeared and asked, “Wu Di, how’re things there? Is there any result yet?”



Hence, when Hong Dali found the coordinates of Earth, the first thing he did was to get Jiang Qianxue away from his side. “That, Miss Qianxue, we think…” He thought for a while and suddenly said, “We want to train in the Tower of Trials. Do you want to go?”


Hehe, Dali, this person is so cool. Tang Muxin giggled. But hes still lacking something. Our Dali is more amiable. This person is more suitable to be observed like a statue. Not suitable to be approached. Hes too cold.


The Galaxy Aristocrats were born highly respected, but they still had problems that could not be solved.

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