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She really wanted to confide in someone, but as a Galaxy Aristocrat, the only people she knew other than her parents were the guards.


Speaking of which, for these eight starships, this trip here to Earth was practically like a vocation for them. But who could predict that they would meet with the Zerg race here? What’s more, it was at the scale of a Zerg tide!


Sister Green Bird did indeed never tell Hong Dali how to hatch it because there wasn’t a need to tell him—once he took out the egg, it instantly cracked!


Yes, yes, yes. The middle-aged man nodded vehemently. Young Master looks like a man who does big business. The shop is useless in my hands. If you take over, with your wealth and connections, you are sure to be able to find a better supply channel. By then, the shop might be able to make a profit under you. Do you think


“So high!?” The Bureau Chief surprisingly said, “With this thing, won’t your Valsion be extremely formidable against the Zergs?”


The Honorary Aristocrats had advancement assessments. In normal times, making small losses and profits wouldn’t really matter. But if he really made a large loss, the stress that Hong Dali would have to face during the advancement assessment wouldn’t be small!

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Its nothing. Ace smiled. He was not excited at all about having become an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. He waved his hand nonchalantly and said, Alright, no need to waste time. Im going out for a walk.


“This really isn’t a good piece of news.” The Bureau Chief touched his chin and said, “Alright, continue with your research, I shall go report this first—looks like the nuclear bombs we created may really come in useful, after all.”


“That’s right.” Lan Ruoxi rested her head on Hong Weiguo’s shoulder, closed her eyes, and gently said, “Our little prodigal isn’t an ordinary person wherever he goes to. I just hope that he won’t be in any trouble over there…”


Countless white Galaxy Aristocrats aircraft had gathered here. They filled up the entire airspace. The sun was almost covered in the Jiang Family estate. People exited from the spacecraft non-stop and entered the estate owner, Jiang Duxing’s villa.


This is my sons shop. Mister Gate looked down at him. You kicked the door of our shop down and youre leaving just like that?


I combined them myself. Hong Dali grinned. One million to combine one. How is it? Not bad, right?


“Incomparable, really incomparable! Let’s not talk so much. Now that this is over and there is still no news of this mystery man, let’s hurry back to our companies. Making money is more important.”



This The clerk hesitated. He wanted to object, but the other party was an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat and he dared not offend him. He quickly said, Lord Ace, let me issue you a certificate, and you can collect your orange-level Honorary Aristocrat entitlements whenever you please.



Then, Jiang Dongliu continued, when a super genius suddenly appeared, you were excited. You thought Aye, this person is so powerful, he must be a hero. I like men like this, right?


“Chirp chirp!” Acka flapped its wings and flew down from Hong Dali’s head and directly went into Hong Dali’s bag—without question, this would be its second nest when Hong Dali went offline.


“Wahahahaha.” Gates laughed. “You’re the strong person who fought the entire night with me, indeed. Exactly what’s on my mind!”

  • Rounded up?! Tianyi and Mu Huaqing gasped in shock. A losing business and you still rounded up the figure?! This will increase the cost and affect the results of the advancement assessment!
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